About the company

History of the company

Tatramat Quasar a.s. is a manufacturing company of the joint-stock company Tatramat a.s. Poprad, with its 100 % capital participation. Experience and traditions of engineering production of this company are already older than 160 years

  • 1845 – establishment of the company Carl Andreas Scholtz
  • 1901 – production of enamel ware and galvanized ware
  • 1946 – production of galvanized and varnished barrels, production of aluminium ware
  • 1961 – production of electric water heaters
  • 1968 – start of production of automatic washing machines
  • In 1992 was the company Tatramat Poprad divided into independent companies
    • Tatramat a.s.
    • Whirlpool Tatramat a.s.
    • Tatramat Quasar a.s.

The company Tatramat Quasar a.s. was created by separation of a tool factory and a foundry from Tatramat a.s. In 2005, the production of new moulds and tools was transferred to the company Whirlpool Slovakia Poprad. In 1973, the foundry started to produce pressure castings from Al and Zn alloys for the needs of production of automatic washing machines. Current main program is production of die castings from Al alloys. The company is holder of quality certificate ISO 9001:2008. Annual turnover of the company is over 4 mil. €.

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