n the company Tatramat Quasar is available modern equipment for production of die castings. Since 2005 it invested into innovation of engineering equipment over 3 mil. €.

The company has currently following equipment:

  • 3 gas melting furnaces
  • 2 pit furnaces DEL with output 800 kg/hour and capacity in the holding chamber 1200 kg
  • 1 pot tilting melting furnace with capacity 800 kg

Currently we melt alloys 46 100, 47 100 and 44 300 of quality ISO EN 1706. The hot-melting is perfectly refined in a melting furnace and consequent degasification of the alloy is performed in transport ladles. Pit furnaces are controlled by Siemens control system, allowing to record weighting of a melting batch and tapping of such hot-melting.

In a foundry are placed top quality die-casting machines with real time control of forcing-in.

  • 3 pcs of Bühler 66D Clasic
  • 1 pc of Bühler 630 H after general overall and modernization
  • 1 pc of Del Casting 400
  • 1 pc of Müller – Weingarten 550 Opticast
  • 1 pc of Colosio PFO 1000 with Kawasaki robot

Casting workplaces are equipped by sprinkler systems, holding and dosing furnaces Stotek and DEL, tempering equipment, Thermobiehl and Regloplas. Two workplaces are equipped by robots and 2 workplaces are equipped by manipulators. For cutting of castings are used compacting machines Diesse-Presse 35 and 50 t, PYE 25 and Weko 30 t. Utilization of such top quality technological equipment guarantees stability of casting process of high-quality castings.

The company has for finishing operations a Rösler and Walter Trowal rehashing equipment, with loading of castings and their drying at the output. We have available 3 blasting equipment (Rösler and Stem) for blasting by stainless balls.

For final cleaning of traces caused by intake and flews are used two high-performance horizontal grinding machines with their belt wide 350 mm and 2 contact belt grinding machines. For mechanical processing are required drilling machines, thread cutting machines, workplaces for manual finishing and cementing of castings. For quality inspection we use spectrometer Metalscan 2000 for chemical analysis and measuring equipment DEA for 3D measurement of dimensions of castings.

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